Shaping place Through Sound Market Insights

Markets are powerful social experiences where we celebrate the richness of life and create memories.  Our senses come alive through the weaving of colors, flavors, sounds, smells, and textures that create meaningful landscapes.  The craft of Hoffman Strategy Group (HSG) gives shape to this market tapestry.

HSG provides consulting services to real estate investment trusts; and owners/developers of shopping malls, centers, and commercial properties.  We specialize in market and feasibiilty analysis on the integration of retail, residential, and hospitality in urban mixed-use environments.

What may seem to most as a series of random events, HSG describes the patterns in terms of dominant user lifestyle profiles; viability, type and timing of each use; tenant, merchandising and amenity mix; and estimated sales revenue forecasts.

It is not by coincidence that the retail store along a pedestrian corridor has 2,500  square feet; is located in the middle two-thirds of the building; and caters to young professionals working and living in the neighborhood.  Nor is it by happenstance that condominium units are located above that retail space.  That corner location of the coffee roaster and bakery caters to the same customer at the retail store.

What differentiates Hoffman Strategy Group is our insights to help you integrate your retail and other property assets.  Clarity is the currency of our craft.  The more of it your business has, the clearer your course of action is toward success.