Of Meat Pies, Food Trucks, and Site Selection

In the late 1990's, some Australian economic and community developers invited me to assist in establishing a youth-entrepreneurship development project.  The national conversation then, as it is today, was on the high rates of youth unemployment.  I was guiding an effort in the Central Plains of the U.S. that was providing youth authentic experiences through the school curriculum.  These youth were starting their own business and seeing themselves as contributors to the business life of their communities.  An essential aspect of the effort was the establishment of local communities of interest consisting of youth, educators, entrepreneurs, business start-ups, business and industry leaders, and government officials.

Meat pies trailer along M2 Ipswich Motorway, outside of Brisbane, Queensland.

Meat pies trailer along M2 Ipswich Motorway, outside of Brisbane, Queensland.

We were in search of Australian communities that shared key economic and demographic characteristics to those in the Central Plains.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analysis of business intelligence, economic and demographic information was not an affordable option.  We crunched data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, reviewed a lot of spreadsheet tables, produced charts, and used an atlas to identify communities that fit certain metrics.  

That analysis was augmented with local knowledge from economic and community developers and extensive national resources of the  advanced organizers.  As with any market location project, building relationships is mission-critical.

Queensland Income Concentration

GIS mapping capabilities have since become affordable.  Our analytic models have become more sophisticated, too.  For example, the map above shows that Far North Queensland is still one of the economically poorest areas of that state (salmon color).  While this is only one map, this illustrates the use of geographic information systems to guide additional market location analysis for any site selection team.

Hoffman Strategy Group LLC's (HSG) approach to site selection or market location consultancy is holistic.  We analyze market location using geographic information systems.  As an Esri licensed user, HSG guides business clients in the site selection process by visualizing business and consumer information, economic and demographic data, and other germane market metrics.

HSG also provides site selection guidance either by building or by utilizing established local and area relationships.  The cultivation and nurturing of relationships is everything in market location.  Our responsibility as site selection consultants is to dive deep into the rich social-economic tapestry of the communities from which markets are born.

That is our duty, obligation, to the business-client.  No matter what business you are in, be it a retail store, manufacturing facility, corporate headquarters, or grocery store, we take seriously your long-term investment in market expansion.  We simply want your business to prosper.

Jerry L. Hoffman

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Jerry L. Hoffman is owner of Hoffman Strategy Group LLC, a firm nationally known for strategic development, economic analysis, and market location consultancy.