Placing “heart share over market share.”

Riverton will consist of the development of 400+ acres along more than 2 miles of river coastline, an infusion of exciting retail, hospitality, restaurants, residences, workspace, and boardwalk magic all oriented on a spectacular waterfront experience, This well-traveled waypoint will become something even greater: a connection point for all of Jersey and a place to experience the best of Jersey. It will become America's next great hometown: Riverton. Moored on the Raritan, soothed by the waters, moved by the energy of tens of thousands of residents and passers-by, and unapologetically, wonderfully New Jersey through and through.

In what is considered the largest mixed-use project in New Jersey history, the $2.5 billion community will combines residential, retail, entertainment, marina, office and hotel in a carefully curated street level experience, highly-programmed gathering spaces and resort-inspired hospitality.

Hoffman Strategy Group was contracted to conduct a high-and-best uses analysis on the viability, product type, tenant mix, revenue forecasts and market timing for each use. Our analysis supported the non-mall model; and, instead, focused on Riverton as a micro-city with speciality retail, restaurants, services and lifestyle-oriented apartments.

Further details on our recommendations will be posted shortly.


Project Details

  • 418-acre, shovel-ready waterfront redevelopment on the Raritan River
  • Metro New York / New Jersey
  • Superior access at the convergence of 3 major interchanges - over 600,000 cars per day 
  • 2+ miles of waterfront
  • Primary trade area density and affluence comparable to best markets in the world
  • 1.2 million people within a 20 minute drive

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