Our approach and what we do is tailored to each client’s needs. We don’t have a formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach. It begins by having a conversation with the development, investment and/or leasing team, first and foremost. These initial conversations address what the vision of the project is, who the partners at play are, what the project objectives and expectations are, the specific scope of analysis that is needed, and timing. 

Retail, Food & Restaurants and Entertainment

White Space Analysis & Expansion Strategies

  • Core Customer Lifestyle Profiling

  • Prioritization of Expansion Opportunities

  • Overall Strategies for New Market Entry or Existing Market Expansion

  • Number of Supportable Locations

  • Cannibalization (Sister Store Impact) Analysis

  • Site Feasibility Studies

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Competitive and Co-Tenancy Review

  • New Store Format Development

  • Image Analysis

  • Pre-IPO Feasibility Analysis

Shopping Mall & Center Research

  • Location Analysis

  • Definition and Analysis of Trade Area

  • Consumer Lifestyle Profiling

  • Determination of Expenditure Potential

  • Retail Void Analysis by 27 Categories

  • Optimal Tenant and Merchandising Mix

  • Forecasted Sales by Tenant and for Overall Center

  • Distressed Center Repositioning and Redevelopment

  • Assessing Center Viability Long-Term

  • Marketing

  • Expansion (or Contraction) Opportunities


Development & Redevelopment

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis

  • Location and Trade Area Analysis

  • Project Feasibility Analysis

  • Project Planning and Programming

  • Supportable Space Analysis

  • Market Void Analysis by Asset Type

  • Tenant Mix Recommendations

  • Sales and Revenue Forecasts

  • Project Planning and Programming

  • Economic Impact Analysis

Real Estate Planning & Investing

  • Underwriting Real Estate for Acquisition and Development Financing in the Public and Private Markets

  • Investment Strategies

  • Asset and Securities Underwriting

  • Liquidation of Assets

  • Valuations

  • Repositioning Assets for Retailers’, Restaurant Chains, and Property Owners and Developers’

Residential & Commercial

Single and Multi-Family Residential Feasibility

  • Supply and Absorption Analysis

  • Demand Analysis for New Housing

  • Quantify Housing Unit Market Gap / Surplus

  • Targeted Core Household Lifestyle Profiles

  • Determine Supportable Residential Product Type

  • Optimal Unit Mix, Amenities and Rent Ranges

  • Forecast Sales and Absorption Period


  • Room Supply and Competitive Set Analysis

  • Room Demand by Guest Segment Analysis

  • Quantify Hotel Room Market Gap / Surplus

  • Determine Supportable Brand and Type

  • Optimal Size and Amenities

  • Forecast Gross Room Revenues, Operating Profit and Net Operating Income

Office Space

  • Office Supply Analysis by Class and Type

  • Forecast Net New Demand for Office Space

  • Quantify Market Gap / Surplus for New Office

  • Determine Supportable Office Space by Class and Product Type

  • Targeted Tenants by Type

  • Estimate Market-Rent Revenues